Sunday, November 16, 2014


If I've been asked once I've been asked a thousand times... 'Have you got the car done yet?... How's the car coming?... Haven't seen you online in a while!"

Well to answer... the car went on hold for the summer. (and by the way... how long did you all think it would take to build a car anyway? Answer... as long as it takes LOL!!) 

Anyway... back to the gap in time. Why you ask? A few reasons, but mostly a change is as good as a rest! There certainly was no shortage of things accomplished... just not on the car!

See the latest updates on the car (yes progress has started again) and updates on all the things that happened this summer in place of working on the car and why the car got held in the first place. Go to the following pages:

Engine, Transmission & Exhaust,

Plumbing Fuel & Brake Lines,

Notes, Ideas & Timeline Gaps,

Interior, Dash and Electronic Components

Don't forget the newest stuff is at the bottom of each page!

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