Sunday, April 19, 2020



Yes, it has been a while but much progress has taken place in the first quarter of 2020. To see the latest post with pics and witty comments CLICK HERE and scroll down to the entry starting with Q1 2020

While the goal line keeps moving, at least now then end is in my sight. I struggled with doing the body work at home.... so messy and I just do not have the skills, so as before, the car has gone to Dixon's where it will remain until it has been painted. Then it can come home (in pieces again) for interior accessories, switches, stereo etc etc. and someday soon, I hope, final assembly!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this very detailed post with us. I hope you were are able to stay on track to achieve your goal. Have a great rest of your day and keep up this informative posts.
    Greg Prosmushkin


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