How It All Began

How All Began

Just when I thought I was done with the '67 Chevelle (See Below) I recieved an email from Factory Five Racing. I had investigated building one of their MKIII Cobra kits about 5 years ago.

This is the Chevelle 427SS - Pro Street

Below is a rendering of the Chevelle done by Sam Ames(Wait till you see the ones he did of the 33 below! They'll blow your head off!) 

So as time passed I had numerous emails from F5 land in my Junk folder. Early in October 2012, I just happened to open one of those emails and browsed their site again. Seems in 2009 they introduced a new kit.... the 33 Hot Rod. It was love at first site!! 

The Chevelle was listed online and sold to a cool guy from Edmonton within the week. It was locked and loaded headed out west to it's new owner. Here are some Vids and Pics of that very emotional day!

And this was the last Cruise Nite Julie and I attended with the car ...Sept 28, 2012

So out with the old and in with the new. This '33 shown below is owned by Kevin Shea. This build is everything I hope mine to be.

Kevin Shea - Owner

Now this for mine...
  • FFR 33 Hot Rod
  • Hard Top w/ power windows
  • Full Fenders
  • 302/350HP - Full exhaust
  • Ford AOD Automatic
  • 8.8" Ford w/ 3:55 Torsen trac lock
  • AC / Heat
  • Power Steering and Brakes
  • Killer Sound
  • Full leather custom interior
  • Comfortable Cruiser in Diamond Pearl White

My Minds Eye Sees it like this: So I took the pics Kevin sent me and photoshop'd them into a white car.
A photoshop edited Kevin Shea Pic... into my colour Diamond Pearl White

Of course my pic was not good enough so I had to commission my friend Sam Ames of Ames Flames and Customs again. I sent him all the pics and ideas I have and he came up with what the finished product should look like. We'll test that theory over the next bunch of months!!

These are unbelievable. Just a plug for Sam here. If you need art done of a car you love... look him up! (Link above)

October 24, 2012
I ordered the kit! The order went in through the F5 Canadian Importer / Distributor "Western Canada Cobras". A fellow named Al Beix who is an absolute Prince of a guy; he and another chap named Jeff Collins of Whitby Motorcar will supply most all of the parts for this project.

We will be building this in our garage at home. My #1 helper will be my grandson Kamryn.

Kam's early interest in Harley's & Hot Rods

Of course he's 12 now!
We will both be attending the Factory Five '33 Hot Rod Build School at MOTT Community College in Michigan. This will be quite an experience where in three 8 hour days, 10-15 classmates will do a complete build from bare frame to running driver under the supervision and guidance of the Factory Five Instructors.

We'll both be attending the Factory Five '33 Hot Rod Build School in March

And as much as I'd like to believe Kam and I will be able to go it alone; I'm know we will be relying on a number of people to help us along the way. First and foremost...

Julie - My Darling Young Bride
She is in charge of most things but in these situations primarily First Aid :)

The "A" Team - Always there when called upon!
Also you can bet one of my oldest and dearest friends and former business partner Mark O. (Orb) will be an enormous help and source of knowledge throughout the build.

I will be leaning heavily on the members of the Factory Five Forum as well as the wonderful members of These forums have been a great help so far. All very friendly, and knowledgeable members there.

Next, Al Beix of Western Canada Cobras, Jeff Collins at Whitby Motorcars as well as Kevin Shea (the owner of the black '33 above) have taken every call and email of mine to date with stride and promised to continue doing so!

As we near completion I'll be reaching out to professionals like Todd Dixon (Dixon's Auto Body & Paint) and Tim Pearson (Triple K Upholstery); both friends and business associates here in Welland.


Last but not least my best buddy Paul... Always on call. When you need something, you can always count on KRZEE!

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