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June 25, 2013


We have sold the Factory Five Harness and have gone 'HI-TECH"

I have placed an order with InfinityBox LLC for their InfinityBox Intelligent Wiring System. I'm the wrong person to explain it but I now have a pretty good grasp on the whole thing thanks to Jay Harris, the President of the company. 

I had heard great things about the system on the forums and of course saw it on "Two Guys Garage" 33 hot rod episode, so I to their site and filled out a lead form. Low and behold while we were in Vegas Jay calls me and emails me. We chatted; he educated me and when I got home earlier last week, placed the order. 

Seriously race fans... if the product is half as good and the service I have received from InfinityBox... it'll be worth twices as much as I paid! OUTSTANDING!!!

Stay Tuned here for installation of the system.... the technology is unreal!! In the mean time check out their blog ahttp://infinitybox.com/blog/

(we get mention at http://infinitybox.com/2014/02/03/factory-five-33-hot-rod-first-engine-start/ )

July 31, 2013

The InfinityBox system has arrived. Lots of pretty colours eh? It's the basic 3 cell system PLUS the InfinityBox inMotion Cell. The in Motion Cell is for motors that have reversing polarity, i.e. power window motors, power locks... they go up and down and in and out!

See it HERE

 Watch a 3 videos below

Sept 21 - 22, 2013

The Plan - I've been thinking and thinking and I have to say, real estate in this car is scarce! My original plan after discussing with Jay Harris of InfinityBox was to place one Power Cell and the inMotion Cell in the trunk, the Master Cell somewhere in the tunnel and the last power cell under the dash were the old fuse panel would go (just right of the steering column.

That plane went out the wind os a started mocking up the floors and trunk. No problem in the trunk really, but the Master Cell is too wide to sit proudly between the seats.

Andy was over today. We smoked, drank coffee and figured out the front 2 cells can go.

As you know from the brake changes I made (above) we have some space where the old master cylinders used to reside. The old mounting posts were cut away and I get my hands on some aluminum, I will make a panel that will sit there and hold them. 

The mock up of the panel is shown below in cardboard. The space is also ideal for mounting the power steering module as well. (not of fan of the way they mount it in the manual, which is down in the chassis exposed to the elements.. (yeah like this car will ever see "elements"...LOL)

The Front Power Cell is outboard, right below the cowl opening in the body so it can be serviced as required without climbing under the dash; The Master Cell is toward the middle of the car... closest to all the switches in the console and new Dakota Digital Dash!

The Rear Power Cell, inMotion Cell and JCase Mega Fuses blocks are all mounted next to the "Yellow Top"... pretty much as planned.

I used 1/4" x 20 Rivnuts rather than nuts and bolts. This will make it easy to re-install once trunk is finished with carpet etc.

Me with InfinityBox President Jay Harris at SEMA 2013

So now we know where all the modules will go, now it's time to start stringing the primary wiring from the battery in the back. The 1 gauge positive will run through the cabin to the remote starter solenoid.

Then from the same terminal through the firewall at the transmission tunnel, across the intake at the base of the carb (wrapped of course to look nice) and ending up at the Alternator. 

From the other side of the solenoid, the positive runs to the starter. This one is shielded with heat sleeve because it will run between the black and the passenger side header. 

The battery out back also feeds the mega-fuse "J" blocks from InfinityBox with 4 gauge jumpers. Each of the 3 power cells will get 2-8 gauge power leads each run to it.

The Negative side cut-off switch will get installed behind the passenger seat within reach of the driver. 

Now before you get all worked up on the cut-off debate... THIS IS NOT A REMOTE KILL SWITCH like in a drag car; then yes I'd have switched the + cable so the ignition could be shut down. No, this is merely a switch near the battery to break the ground, not unlike unhooking it at the battery. I did this only to be able to store the car in the winter and to work on the car safely.

February 23, 2014
So I've spent the last couple Sundays tidy-ing up wires. There is a tone of stuff we will be adding up under the dash and down the centre console. THANK GOD FOR THIS InfinityBox System.

I made a quick video explaining the status of the wire management to date. take a look.. it's 12 minutes long so sit back! I ramble on explaining the InfinityBox system in laymen's terms and also opine about the stereo system that will be installed.. Take a look!

To do what all we wanted to do, I sent in a request into Jay Harris and Mike Weber at InfinityBox to develop a flash upgrade for my MasterCell. Below are the new Assignments for every node in the system. 

To reprogram the MasterCell I bought (rather than rented) an InfinityBox inCode Programmer. To see how its done (e-z peezee) watch this video by Jay Harris at InfinityBox LLC.

I can't express my thanks enough to Jay and Mike in the way they help me get things straight in my head!

First I had to fab up another little dash board for the Power Steering Module and Dakota Digital Dash Brain
This is how it looks installed
The wiring in the trunk is starting to shape up. I will have to do some trunk lining before I clamp down the harnesses.
February 26 - March 6, 2014
Well wee will be away for a couple weeks so these are the days that I spent before leaving on vacation lengthening words and organizing things. Next will be switches for the power accessories etc.

Drawing of how wipers will be wired into the system without using the great big ugly switch 
The Dr. Ruth Console is fitted loosely. Much of the wiring will run through this down the centre of the car
Mods made to the tunnel to make it removable. You never know when you may need to get in there!
Things behind the dash are starting to shape up. It turns out much there are not as many wires being used as is supplied in the system (see the coil of wires yet to be cut off)

April 19, 2014
Wiring, wiring and more wiring. 

I want to make sure of a few things. 
  1. That as much wiring as possible stays inside the car. The standard issue Factory Five wiring runs a lot under the car and exposed to the weather... not that this thing is ever going to see any sort of bad weather, but...
  2. That once completed, I'm able to take the interior apart in case some work need to be done on the wiring. That means the centre console has to be removable etc etc.

This is one of 2 plastic switch panel Mark O made for me at his work. He's one of dearest and oldest friends and is the owner of a Vacuum Forming business in Burlington called ProThermoForm (Click here) 

So I make a harness for the 7 switches... Push Button Start, Window left and right up and down, Power Lock/Unlock and Trunk popper
This what it looks like mocked up in the console

Check out this video that should bring you up to speed on what has gone on in wiring. If you are interested in more information on the InfinityBox Intelligent Multiplexing system go to www.InfinityBox.com

November 22, 2015
Before the body can go on all the wiring had to be harnessed and tidy'd up, which means the tunnel goes on, wires from under hood need to be routed up through it and all the dash wiring for switches and heat/AC controls need to be bundled.

Just a fussy, time consuming job but with good notes and planning I should be able to track everything down in the future,

So it looked like this (3 pics above).
Not pretty but it all worked

 After fitting tunnel and console

  Finished up

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